Getting Fit With Goodwill

Looking to get in shape on a budget?  That’s me!  I’m not up for spending a lot of money on exercise equipment, over-priced ($145) home fitness DVD’s, or a gym membership. So, what’s a frugal girl to do?  Go to Goodwill!

The cheapest form of exercise is walking.  All you need is a good pair of shoes.  I found these NEW Fila Sculpt-N-Tone fitness shoes for $5.00.  Retail price $60.00.  That’s a savings of over 90% off retail.


DVD’s and video games are 2 for $5.00 at my local Goodwill store.  I managed to find these workouts by uber-trainer Jillian Michaels.  The Wii Fitness Ultimatum is NEW in the package.  On Amazon, the Wii game is currently selling for $6.49 and the DVD is $7.69.  I saved about 65% off retail.


These Leslie Sansone Walk Away The Pounds Express DVD’s are selling for $9.88 and $11.08 on Amazon.  I saved over 75% off retail by getting the pair for $5.00 at Goodwill.


If you still have a VCR, you can save even more by choosing video tapes which are priced at 2 for $1.25.

I’ve seen free weights, jump ropes, mats, and stability balls all at Goodwill.

Don’t forget about all the fitness clothing too – t-shirts, tanks, sweat suits, and my favorite… pants.

Have you purchased anything to help you meet your health and fitness goals at Goodwill?

One thought on “Getting Fit With Goodwill

  1. I have purchased, a Thigh Master, weights, exercise videos, stability ball and a jump rope, all at thrift stores. All that equipment cost me less than $10. I haven’t lost a pound. At least I didn’t spend much money. If only I could find some will power or perseverance. In all my thrifting I’ve never run across either of those.

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