Celebrate National Thrift Store Day!

I’m so excited!

It’s almost here!

National Thrift Store Day is this Saturday, August 17th!

Did you know that there are more than 25,000 thrift and consignment stores in the USA?  My favorite, Goodwill Industries, has more than 2,500 stores.


I plan on celebrating with a trip to a few of my favorite locations.  Goodwill Industries serving Hampton Roads & Central Virginia (my regional area) has released a back-to-school coupon good for 10% off a $20 or more purchase. I’ll be sure to take that with me!  To get your own coupon visit their facebook page or the Got It At Goodwill facebook page.  Don’t live in Virginia?  That’s ok, most likely your Goodwill region has a special promotion going on too, just look for their facebook page.

It’s a great time to clear the books, shoes, clothes, and other household goods that are jamming up your closets.  I already have a clothes basket full of clothing ready to go. I love knowing that with my donation that I am changing someone’s life!

Whatever your plans are for the weekend, be sure to celebrate with a quick trip to your favorite thrift store and join in the celebration. Pop those tags!




What and where is your favorite thrift store?



4 thoughts on “Celebrate National Thrift Store Day!

  1. With a St. Vincent de Paul less than a mile from my house I tend to shop there most. I firmly believe that its worth checking out all the stores, and I do, since donated merchandise means something good can turn up anywhere. Our (Seattle’s) GW are well organized and reasonably priced but their Monday Specials are $1.29 compared to everyone elses 99 cents. Smaller independant stores seem to have higher quality merchandise because they screen the junk donations out.

  2. Oh, how fun! I had no idea there was a National Thrift Store Day. Thanks for the heads up and the links to the coupons. My favorite thrift store is People Helping People right here in my little Eastern Oregon town. All their clothes are always a dollar except on Wednesdays when they are fifty cents. Makes redesigning clothes very affordable.
    Happy Thrifting!

  3. I’m kind of old-fashioned and tend to shop (and donate) at thrift stores run by volunteers who take the profits and use them to fund shelters for women and children who are escaping from domestic violence (Upscale Resale) or to buy shoes and school supplies for children who live in poverty (The Wardrobe). Our Goodwill is in a brand-new built-for-the-purpose store and it is a pleasure to go there because the workers are happy. The Salvation Army stores, though, are a little cluttered but always busy. We also have a large number of for-profit resale shops (sports gear, kids clothes, vintage, and miscellany).

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