The Denim Vest

I was recently invited to join the Richmond Virginia Fashion Bloggers.  Of course, I gladly accepted!  I’m looking forward to meeting other fashion, lifestyle, and beauty bloggers and attending some fashion events in the RVA area.


rvafb-badge (1)


While other bloggers are professing their love for the big brand stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, H&M, etc., I’ll be over here still sharing my love for Goodwill.  Of course shopping for clothing at Goodwill will save you a ton of money, but remember it also helps the environment and most importantly it provides jobs.

Look what I found last week….a denim vest.  It was a ‘color of the week’ item so my price was only $1.99.


I love the buttons and trim details!


A denim vest is the perfect accessory – it goes with anything!  You can wear it with any color, a maxi-dress, a mini-dress, shorts, skinny jeans, long-sleeves, short-sleeves, sleeveless – anything, I promise.  Give it a try.

Here are a few ideas from Pinterest:

1bfa655e564bf5209bec503c7176ef8b 30aae010428acf60_look3_xxxlarge_1 690429fb29292517f4ba632da81b13de

8371acf0ffc20c731d18e23594db11cc 14616f7d4bf393fe40c5746629f55c38 919757caf7c8e7c25b99ee82cc0fb964

Don’t have one?  I know where you can find one!



In the future I’m going to have to try to step on the other side of the camera to share some of my amazing Goodwill fashion finds!

One thought on “The Denim Vest

  1. Congrats on being an RVA Fashion Blogger! Hopefully we will have a meet up soon and we can swap our love of thrift store stories. :) I’m excited to see what other great things you find at Goodwill!

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