Ruched Infinity Scarf

Wow, how did it get to be September already? That means it’s almost autumn, one of my favorite seasons!  I still have a beach trip planned in a couple of weeks so to me summer will be on hold for a little while longer.

With autumn comes cooler temperatures and long sleeves, sweaters, and scarves.  Last week I purchased this Forever 21 ruched grey knit shirt.  It had a color-of-the-week tag meaning it was 50% off.  Including tax it came to $2.11.


I loved the fabric flower embellishment on the shoulder.


As typical with a lot of items I fall in love with, it was a size small, which I am not.  It’s okay, I bought it anyhow with a plan in mind.  Grey is a perfect neutral color that goes with just about anything.  I decided to turn this too small shirt into a ruched knit infinity scarf.  I started by taking off the floral embellishment.  It was all one piece and secured by a single strand of thread, so it came off with just a snip.


Then I simply cut off the bottom hem of the shirt and cut across the shirt about 2 inches above the ruche.  Since the shirt scarf is knit it won’t unravel so there’s no need to hem the edges.

Using 3 small safety pins, I pinned the flowers back on.  I chose to use the safety pins so I could wear the scarf with or without the flowers.  I may want to embellish a different shirt or skirt with the flowers, so safety pins make it easy for a quick change-up.


Like my displayer?  I got it at Goodwill too for just $1.25.  Now if I could just find a dress form at Goodwill.

The scarf looks just as good without the flowers. It can be worn as cut or wrapped twice for a more snug fit around the neck, which is ideal for chilly autumn nights.  Since it’s still summer I have it paired with a pair of vintage Ray Ban cat eye sunglasses.  I’m guessing late 50’s or early 60’s.  What do you think?  I found these when I was going through “stuff” trying to “down-size” or “right-size.”  They came in a box I purchased at an estate sale many years ago, definitely the real deal! These appear to be prescription too.  They are clear when you look straight ahead, but have some bifocal action when you look down.


I may decide to part with the shades.  While I was searching to find an approximate age on them, I couldn’t help but notice the prices they were selling for.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day tomorrow!  Who’s going thrifting besides me?

5 thoughts on “Ruched Infinity Scarf

  1. omgoodness! what you did with the shirt it great but the glasses are awesome! what a lucky find for you! If you decide to see, please let me know when/where you put them up so I can get a bid in! Alright, I plan on taking a look around your blog-i’m really in to thrifting and repurposing.

  2. If you really like the shades, you can take them to a reputable eyeglass place and have the prescription lenses replaced with either your prescription or plain tinted lenses. Super cute!

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