Blazer Refashion

On a recent afternoon of thrifting I came across this vintage blazer.  I loved the variety of colors and the price.  It was only $1.00. It would look great with jeans.  What I didn’t like was the size.  It was a six.  Way, way, way too small for me.  The story of my thrifting life.


I had put it back on the rack, but I was drawn back to these buttons, a pearly purple shade.  Three buttons for a dollar…..purchase justified.


I planned on cutting off the buttons and tossing the rest, but the fabric was great quality so I decided to hold on to it.  Today I pulled it out and started cutting.

Using the back panel I made a fold-over clutch featuring one of those lovely buttons.  I lined it with a purple chambray.


I turned the sleeves into an infinity scarf and made floral embellishments using the remaining buttons.


The scarf is thick and will be perfect when the weather turns cool.  I plan on styling it with a solid color t-shirt and denim jacket.


I love my thrifty new accessories and I still have some fabric left!


6 thoughts on “Blazer Refashion

  1. I LOVE this refashion! I attempted to buy brand new buttons once (not realizing how expensive they were brand new), and decided to start looking for them at the thrift store instead! I’ve found that old wool coats usually have tons of buttons and I’ve been lucky enough to find lots of them for less than a dollar! And most of the coats I’ve found not only have tons of buttons, but tons of wool fabric that I can use for other projects! Score!
    I especially love this jacket and think it was so clever how you repurposed it! My daughter had a cute little jacket and skirt that she outgrew with the same type of fabric but in pink. I might just have to steal your idea so she gets more use out of it! :)
    Have a great day!

  2. This is a great idea…I have outgrown some jackets in my closet and would love to do this. Any chance you can describe the cutting/ sewing process in a little more detail?

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